Current websites:

Quarter Moon Ranch LLC Dare to Dream Designs
Genova Products Liptrot Farrier Supplies
West Wind Kennels Harborview Ridge Homeowners Assoc.
Soaring Eagle Ranch Lochmoor Village Homeowners Assoc.
The Frawley Company Wabeek Pines Homeowners Assoc.
Freedom Riders of Utah Sheranian Violin
RM Williams Explorations Gentle Control Hackamores
Simons Auctions Boji Filters
Loves Racehorse Dynamite Demolition


Genova Decking Animated illustration of Titanic
Creating a Butt Joint Rivet Plate Shear illustration
...and various graphic design projects for clients such as: Brandy's Day Spa, SYC Yacht Rodders, Tulip City Invitational, Almo Creek Outpost, Blvd. Automotive, AAA Environmental, etc.