I began my career at the age of 16 doing technical line drawings and keylining for an advertising agency based in Flint, Michigan. After graduating highschool, I worked summers at Genova Products Inc., a vinyl building product manufacturer, and then began working there full time after graduating college.

From 1986 to 1999 I held the position of Advertising Manager at Genova where I supervised the advertising department. I also took part in much of the graphic design, copywriting, web page design and maintenance, media planning and placement.

Genova also afforded me the opportunity to operate the department as a graphics house for outside non-Genova clients. Donning that hat, I worked with clients one-on-one, estimated jobs, did invoicing as well as design work. I also functioned as a web page design consultant for various orginizations such as the the Davison Economical Development Authority in Michigan.

In 1999 I moved west and now reside in Silver City New Mexico. I operate out my own home office creating web sites and doing freelance graphic design. This particular job situation works out perfectly for me as I am also given the ability to have a second career in horse racing.

I have a Bachelor of Advertising degree from Michigan State University. I also attended Rhoehampton Institute, Wimbledon, England and studied English literature.